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Commercial Law

Commercial Law HoustonCommercial litigation is a broad term for any litigation that directly affects a business entity. Matters can range from relatively simple disputes which are subject to early resolution, to highly complex matters that may take years to resolve. Handled improperly, commercial litigation may result in unnecessary expenses or inferior results. Commercial litigation should only be handled by skilled litigators: it requires attorneys who know the law, and who are capable of resolving commercial disputes through motions, trial or negotiation. At Bair Hilty, P.C., we listen to our clients and develop tailored legal solutions that ensure the long term success of the business enterprise, not merely the short term outcome of the litigation.

Business WomenBair Hilty, P.C. represents business in State and Federal Court, as well as arbitration proceedings. We are mindful that our commercial clients want prompt, cost-effective resolution of the legal problems that impede commerce. We have the people, the technology and the know-how to deliver results you expect.